Manchester Police Seek Escaped Prisoner in "Hipster" Disguise

By Gary Cutlack on at

Greater Manchester Police is hunting for escaped criminal Neil Brennan, and is warning that he may have taken on the likeness of a gentle hipster to disguise his scoundrel roots.

He's usually seen with a shaved head and wearing the regulation tracksuits that they hand out to criminals when they leave school, but GMP's photo library of the man suggest he might now have a beard, side parting, glasses, a smile and possibly even brown shoes, and could be wafting gently between urban coffee shops in the guise of a nice man who only wants to buy the Coffee of the Week and use a plug socket and the Wi-Fi for three hours while he sniggers at in-jokes on Reddit.

Anyway, it's not really funny because the police say he's dangerous and shouldn't be approached, so their advice is to continue avoiding all men with ginger beards. [Greater Manchester Police via ITV]

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