Mariah Carey's Christmas Classic is Being Turned into a Film

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hollywood has found a new source of material to make terrible films out of -- songs. In particular, someone has approved the bonkers idea that is turning Mariah Carey's only-good-thing-about-Christmas song All I Want For Christmas Is You into a computer animated blockbuster.

The film and likeness of Mariah Carey will be entirely produced in CG, with Breanna Yde taking on the job of being the voice of young Mariah and Carey herself narrating the action like the benevolent fairy-god of Christmas she has become. The film's plot, such as it is, follows little Mariah as she embarks upon a quest to get a puppy for Christmas by proving herself a reliable pet owner.

Mariah announced it herself while comatose on a sofa in her pyjamas, in true Christmas style:

It'll be out in time for Christmas 2017, if the outsourced computer animators deliver. Movie company Universal is taking it very seriously, and said: "Like the song itself, Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You is destined to become an enduring family holiday classic. It is packed with family fun, holiday spirit, poignant moments and of course, Mariah Carey." [Sky News]

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