McDonalds' New App Lets You Order From Your Phone

By Holly Brockwell on at

They might not offer home delivery (yet), but McDonald's has at least jumped on one modern bandwagon: ordering food from your smartphone.

The new McDonald's app, launched today, lets you browse the menu at leisure (valuable in itself, considering the sudden CHOOSE NOW pressure when a spot opens up in the queue), then choose your preferred meal (and save it as a favourite, because we all know you get the same thing every time) and send the order to the restaurant.

To stop people ordering giant meals and never turning up to claim them, you have to 'check in' using a QR code when you get there. They don't start making your food until you do, but on the bright side that means it won't be cold. Probably.

The bad news is, mobile ordering only works at a pitiful and very random 22 McDonald's restaurants in the UK. It's apparently rolling out to "the majority" within 18 months.

At this point it's probably quicker to just go there and ask for your burger, but at least the app can't judge you for ordering a McFlurry and a milkshake. [McDonald's via Buzzfeed]

Main image: Pexels