Facetune's New App Turns People Into Animated Emojis – And It's Brilliant

By Holly Brockwell on at

Lightricks, the people behind mega-popular selfie-beautifying app Facetune, have released a daft new app for April Fools, and it's hilarious.

Called Memoji, the free app uses 3D facial modelling to transform your selfie into an animated emoji, a bit like Snapchat's face filters. It's spooky how well it works:

Even better, you can use any picture of a face, so you can emojify other people – we're guessing a certain world leader is going to be a popular choice.

The photo does have to include a human face: we tried it on a cat, and no dice, but statues and paintings work:

Cats aside, there are so many possibilities for hilarity with this app: turning yourself, friends, celebs, cartoon characters, even famous artworks into anything from the devil emoji to a unicorn.


If they keep updating it with new choices, we can see this being hugely popular – it's a more personal way to do the ever-popular reaction gifs, and we wouldn't be surprised if Facebook buys/copies it as a result.

Despite being released for April Fools, the app isn't a prank – it's a real thing that exists (we've been playing with it for a week now). The launch date is more to do with the fact that Lightricks is a serious company making serious dollar from Kardashian-favourite Facetune, and this app is pretty silly. As is the accompanying quote:

“I don’t smile in pictures,” said Zeev Farbman, CEO of Lightricks. “So when my girlfriend showed me a picture of me smiling in a photo we took on a hike, I was dumbfounded and scared. I’d spent years cultivating an image of Spartan focus and strength and this one photo threatened to ruin decades of consistency. Thankfully, we had already developed Memoji by Facetune and I was able to instantly click on the frowny face emoji to bring order and decency back into my life.”

Emoji selfies can be downloaded as a gif, video or a still, and the app itself is free on iTunes.

Expect to see it all over your timelines shortly.