Men Who Date Gamers Say They Make Rubbish Partners

By Holly Brockwell on at

There's far less of a gender divide in gaming than everyone thinks there is (in fact, around 52% of gamers are female) - but there are still differences in the way men and women experience gaming.

For instance, a new study of 18+ gamers in relationships showed that while a whopping 85% of the women had a Player Two for a partner, only 34% of male gamers did. This could be unintentional, or it might be because, apparently, men don't find gamers to be very good partners.

Of the 2,000+ coupled-up British gamers surveyed by VoucherCodesPro, all the ones who said they were in a relationship with a fellow gamer were asked, "Do you feel that your partner spends more time on their games consoles than paying attention to you?"

The majority of women – 61% – answered no, but almost three-quarters of the men (73%) said they did indeed feel neglected.

So what games are they being ignored for? Here are the top five from men and women respectively, and again, it's not what you might expect:

Women's top 5 games

  1. The Sims - 27%
  2. Final Fantasy - 20%
  3. Zelda - 16%
  4. Candy Crush - 15%
  5. Minecraft - 13%

Men's top 5 games

  1. Grand Theft Auto - 41%
  2. Candy Crush - 35%
  3. Call Of Duty - 31%
  4. Fallout - 22%
  5. FIFA - 19%

While a lot of people wouldn't consider Candy Crush a 'proper' game (whatever that means), it scored higher for men than women. Meanwhile, despite the recent release of Breath of the Wild, Zelda didn't make it into men's top 5, while it sat firmly at number 3 for the ladies.

Regardless of gender, 54% of participants said they "regularly" fight about games with their SO. Only in Battle Mode, we hope.