MIT Students Have Made an Awesome Fan Film About Riri Williams, the New Iron Man

By James Whitbrook on at

Iron Man’s replacement in Marvel’s current comics, Riri Williams, was an MIT student before she started flying high as the Invincible Ironheart. So it’s pretty damn awesome that a group of her real-life alumni have made their own fan film about the young hero and her life at the university.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes—But Some Carry Tubes was made as part of a promotion for MIT’s admissions department to let potential future students know when the university’s admissions decisions would be released. The department does a student-made film like this every year, but Riri’s status as a major new player in the Marvel universe, as well as an MIT alum, made her a pretty perfect candidate for 2017's. Check out the full thing:

And if you happened to have applied for MIT this year and are awaiting your own decision announcement, good luck! At least you now have something cool to watch while you wait.