New £20 Note Might be Safe for Vegans to Eat

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Bank of England and its note printing partners are experimenting with a new manufacturing process that does away with the small quantities of rendered animal fat tallow that are present in the new £5 and forthcoming polymer £10 notes, with a chance that the option might be ready in time for the introduction of the new £20 note in 2020.

Which is great news for vegans and religious groups averse to handling animal products, although the potential replacement isn't exactly squeaky clean either. The BofE says the note could use palm oil instead, the current environmental hot potato that's linked with deforestation and community collapse in areas where it's intensively farmed, plus there's the odd hint that it might be carcinogenic so is not really something you want rubbing up against your genitals through your trouser pocket.

The other option being explored for use in the future £20 note is coconut oil, which must be better for everyone, as fewer coconuts up trees has to make it safer for the people living below. [BBC]