NHS Trust Could Use Uber to Wheel About the Sick

By Gary Cutlack on at

One London NHS trust that covers five of the capital's hospitals is thinking about using Uber cars to carry patients between departments and locations, in the hope that shuffling them around beds in such a manner might free up space quicker and lessen some of the stress placed on the ambulance service.

The idea is being looked at by care providers to the Barts health NHS trust, who think the app-controlled fleet could be used to transport non-emergency patients -- including cancer sufferers and dementia patients -- in comfort. They'd use the UberAssist and UberWav disability-friendly car options, with the service handled by outsourced provider Ceracarers, which is another app-based solution that tries to streamline healthcare processes by having everything done on phones.

Dr Ben Maruthappu from Ceracarers' parent company Cera said: "Older people and those with disabilities will now have access to the highest-quality drivers, while carers will be able to efficiently travel to ensure they can provide services in the right place at the right time." [Guardian]

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