Nintendo Switch Cartridges Are Coated In That Stuff That Stops You Biting Your Nails

By Holly Brockwell on at

For reasons known only to themselves, many people - including our esteemed colleagues at Kotaku - have been licking Nintendo Switch cartridges to see what they taste like. The answer is 'absolutely disgusting,' and now we know why: they're covered in that horrendous stuff your mum made you use to stop biting your nails.

It's called denatonium benzoate, and while its official designation is 'bittering agent,' it's more accurately called 'oh dear god it's on everything I can't even enjoy Doritos anymore WHY ME' and similar from humans with taste buds who have experienced it.

The reason the games are coated with that godawful stuff, by the way, is a good one: the cartridges are tiny (about the size of an SD card) and would be really easy for a kid to swallow. This will definitely still happen regardless of the taste, but at least Nintendo can say they tried.

If your nails mysteriously start growing not long after buying a Switch, now you know why. [Telegraph]

Main image: Kotaku UK