We Didn't Know We Wanted A SwitchCube Til Someone 'Shopped One

By Holly Brockwell on at

Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it. In our case, we had no idea we were hankering for a GameCube edition of the Nintendo Switch until Redditor IanMazgelis made a mockup:

I really wish Nintendo would make a Gamecube Joy-Con variant. from gaming

One of the great things about the Switch is that since the Joy-Con controllers are interchangeable, it's actually possible to make special editions like this to swap onto your existing console.

However, while Nintendo isn't likely to produce a retro edition anytime soon, Boss Fight Props has already achieved something similar with his Switch – albeit without the original button layout and textured joysticks, and that's what makes it for us.

Image: Boss Fight Props

If you like the look of that, it's apparently not too hard to paint the Switch – but we'll leave ours the way it is, lest we accidentally recreate Splatoon. Which we would. [Reddit]