No More Allen Keys: Ikea's Rolling Out Click-Together Furniture

By Holly Brockwell on at

Everyone knows the trade-off for the ridiculously reasonable prices in Ikea is the pain of assembling the furniture later. In fact, we've often found ourselves wishing we'd spent an extra few notes for something pre-assembled that didn't come with instructions written in cartoons, but it sounds like that time of frustration is coming to an end.

Ikea's been working on a new type of click-together furniture since 2014, and has finally perfected the design so it can be rolled out to the entire range, starting now with the Lisabo table.

The key innovation is called a wedge dowel, and doesn't require any tools or glue. And while most Ikea furniture gets weaker when you disassemble and rebuild it when you have to move house at a moment's notice because landlords are terrible, the click-together style keeps its strength and can be rebuilt in minutes.

Of course, it won't stop you having a blazing row with your other half in the jam-packed warehouse on a Saturday afternoon, but they're not miracle workers. [Dezeen]