No One Tell This Adorable Little Girl the Truth About Her New Robot Friend

By Andrew Liszewski on at

After you watch this video of an adorable little girl named Rayna greeting and hugging a new robot friend, you’ll come to the realisation it will never hug or love her back — because it’s actually a discarded water heater. (Sad!) Shortly after that, you’ll also come to the realisation that kids clearly aren’t being raised with a proper fear and respect of robots.

There’s little doubt humanity is staring down a future where we’ll live and work alongside robots, but we can’t get too comfortable with them. Children of the ‘80s had Transformers to teach them to always keep bots at a safe distance, but future generations clearly aren’t getting the same message as they grow up. Before you know it they’ll be voting in a robot for president, and you can kiss humanity-helping healthcare goodbye all together. Oh, wait. [YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]