Nottingham Building Site Reveals New Underground Caves

By Holly Brockwell on at

All Nottinghamsters like me are aware of the network of around 700 caves under the city, but occasionally a bit of construction work uncovers some new ones – and that's just happened on the site of Nottingham Trent Uni's latest build.

Workmen were digging down to find a bed of sandstone when they uncovered an unexpected hole. Notts TV, who have been on the site, reports:

After more digging, they found a network of Georgian and Victorian foundations with some artefacts perfectly preserved as well as medieval trenches.

A survey revealed a staircase entrance to the cave, and while they were digging around to make the ground safe, builders uncovered another three holes. That means more caves for archaeologists to excavate and 3D map before building work can be continued and completed. Currently the caves are full of fallen-in rock, so it's going to be a mission to get them clear and find out what's down there.

Any Nottingham villains in need of a new bunker? We know just the place. [Notts TV]