Hollyoaks Actor Accidentally Reveals Major Plot Mystery On Live TV

By Holly Brockwell on at

We don't watch Hollyoaks, so we had no clue there was a 'Who Killed Mr Burns'-style mystery going on. But thanks to this amazing clip from yesterday's This Morning, we do now, because actor Kieron Richardson gave the game away on live TV.

The SNAFU begins at about 2:10. The way his face changes is priceless.

They come back to the subject at 4:30, and if anything, it only gets worse.

In fairness, his hand gestures weren't as much of a giveaway as he thought, but his reaction makes it crystal clear that he's just screwed up enormously. You can see his mind racing through "Did that just happen?" and "Am I going to be fired?" (we've all been there) while Schofe and Holly valiantly and kindly come up with ways it might all be fine.

Of course, there's always the chance this was actually incredible acting on Richardson's part. But having seen Hollyoaks... mmmaybe not. [Reddit]