Plans Submitted for Maglev Pods to Link Manchester and Liverpool

By Gary Cutlack on at

A ridiculously ambitious plan to link Manchester and Liverpool with high speed maglev trains has been handed in to bosses within the Transport for the North department, which could, if it ever existed, get people across the country in a matter of minutes.

The fantastic plan would see tunnels housing a new underground line based on the maglev system used in countries with good trains, with developer Direct City Networks saying this would create the world's fastest underground system and could instantly solve the east/west transport problem in the region.

Which sounds amazing and well worth waving a flag about in support of or signing a petition to have made, until bloody "experts" get involved. Experts like rail journalist Tony Miles, who told the BBC: "I have seen similar things being discussed over the last year from what I would call the mad scientists. What they don't work out is the fact that accelerating to that speed and then braking again would probably vaporise the people inside the train."

So there's a chance of vaporisation, but still. We'd have a faster train than the rest of the world, even if everyone arrives as besuited mush.

TfN seems to have laughed at the proposal too, saying: "We have responded to DCN highlighting several areas where we think substantive additional development work would be needed before any proposal could be given more detailed consideration." [BBC]

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