Prams Need Lids to Block Pollution, Say Scientists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Babies being ferried about the urban streets in prams should be placed inside some sort of bubble to protect them from air pollution, according to researchers looking into the ways the little person transporters inadvertently hoover up bad air while pottering around.

This comes from a team at the University of Surrey who monitored baby traffic in Guildford, and found that higher levels of particulate pollution during the morning and afternoon commuter times were accumulating inside prams. Hence some sort of "barrier" around the pram might be a good idea if planning to wheel a child around at the same times of day as the angry people tend to accumulate in cars on roads.

Author Dr Prashant Kumar from Surrey Uni said: "Young children are far more susceptible to pollution than adults, due to their immature and developing systems and lower body weight. Essentially, children could be at risk of breathing in some nasty and harmful chemical species such as iron, aluminium and silica that form together the particles of various size ranges." [BBC]

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