Premier League and ISPs Negotiate Live Football Streaming Block

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Premier League and the ISPs aren't exactly at war over the availability of illegal live streams of football, as they've been working together to agree on the wording of a court order that hands the PL the power to block servers responsible for seeding live streams that rebroadcast paywalled matches for free.

The court order has been seen by TorrentFreak, which says that "negotiations over the terms of the Order" were conducted between the PL and the ISPs it was pretending to fight before entering the courts, with the result clearly implying that the ISPs would quite like to be ordered to block streaming traffic in order to defend their networks from masses of traffic and protect their revenues from selling... football.

Sky, BT, Virgin Media, Plusnet, EE and TalkTalk were the ones in court at the instigation of the Premier League, with the result being an order that lets the PL order the live blocking of streams on match days between next week and the end of May, in a move that seems specifically designed to break IPTV services like KODI. [TorrentFreak]

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