Prepare for KitKat Riots as New Recipe Hits the Streets Next Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new and slightly reformulated KitKat launches in the UK next week, so now might be the time to get on the local news by panic-buying 5,000 of the old ones just in case there's any discernable difference between this supposedly healthier option and the one we know and love.

The changes impact upon the four-finger bar, which has been reformulated so that there are now four less calories in each bar. So if you eat 30 of the new KitKats in a day, you'll have saved yourself from consuming 120 needless additional calories -- enough to allow you to eat half of another KitKat without guilt.

The new bars have the advice that they contain extra milk and cocoa on the front of the wrapper, should you want to conduct your own taste test. The idea is that it's marginally better for the nation, as they contain 21.3g of sugar per bar now, down from the 22g of the previous model. Obesity crisis solved, eh?

The good news is that they've not been shrunken to cut costs. They're not three short fingers with one long one in the middle, you still get all four. [Metro]