10 Of The Best Red Nose Day Sketches Ever

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's Red Nose Day once again, so we've delved into the archives to find ten of our favourite moments from the star-studded sketches over the years, from Kylie on Men Behaving Badly to Robert Webb doing Flashdance.

Laugh, reminisce, then cough up. That's how it works.

1. Elton John on Little Britain

This one is great because you can tell Elton is genuinely reacting to the questions. The bit where he dissolves into giggles after being asked about "filling Celine Dion's slot" cracks us up every time.

Of course, at the time, he wasn't married to David Furnish – but five years later they were finally able to tie the knot when same-sex marriage became legal in the UK.

2. Lenny Henry does Frank Bruno... with Frank Bruno

This sketch took a turn for the amazing when Bruno himself turned up as Juliet.

What a great sport.

3. Mr Bean goes on Blind Date

We defy you not to laugh during the dancing.

This made us really miss Cilla Black.

4. Torvill and Bean

Another classic Mr Bean moment, as he interrupts Nottingham ice-skating legends Torvill and Dean in their reprise of their record-breaking Boléro routine that won Olympic gold at the Sarajevo '84 Olympics.

5. Tony Blair meets Catherine Tate

It was a simpler time.

Now imagine this sketch with Theresa May. Yeah.

6. Coldplay's 'Game of Thrones: The Musical'

From RND '15, featuring bangers like 'Rastafarian Targaryen' and Jon Snow's 'Wildling, You Make My Heart Sing.'

Kit Harington totally missed his calling as a rock star, but there's no doubting Peter Dinklage steals the show. As always.

7. George Michael and James Corden

The sketch that inspired Carpool Karaoke.

We miss you, George.

8. Robert Webb's unbelievable performance of 'What A Feeling'

There are celebs who just agree to do Comic Relief, and there are those who really commit to it. Webb is undoubtedly one of the latter.

We've never seen him the same way since.

9. Kylie Minogue on Men Behaving Badly

This made us feel old.

The end dance makes it. What a great theme tune that was.

10. Blackadder does Comic Relief

"Shut up, with the greatest respect, your Majesty."

Solid gold from start to finish.

Bonus: Ali G interviews the Beckhams

It's aged a bit, but still makes us giggle. Not sure Posh would make some of these jokes now!

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