Rents Might Have Gone Down A Bit For The First Time In Effing Ages

By Holly Brockwell on at

For the first time since 2010, the average rent for a new tenancy has apparently fallen by 0.6% to a positively bargainous £921 a month, according to estate agents Countrywide. We're all saved.

The BBC reports that the drop was surprisingly bigger in London, with prices falling by 5% to £1,246 a month. This is apparently because landlords raced to buy new rental properties before the new stamp duty surcharge kicked in, leading to an increase in supply.

However, before anyone gets too excited about potentially being able to have a roof over their heads (albeit one they don't own, obvs), the data is contradicted by the government's official figures, which say rent's actually gone up by 2.2%. We suspect renters won't much care either way, given that it's essentially the difference between an arm and a leg and an arm, a leg and a toenail. Whoop-de-do. [BBC]

Main image: Pexels