"Rise Up Against Apple," MP Tweets From Her iPhone

By Holly Brockwell on at

MP Nadine Dorries is the latest butt of Twitter's jokes after tweeting that "we need to rise up against companies like Apple and Whattsapp [sic]" from her iPhone.

Dorries was referring to the latest round of technophobe news, which suggests that services like Whatsapp and even Wordpress are secret weapons for terrorists like Westminster attacker Khalid Masood.

She hasn't (yet) deleted the tweet, but has instead been grumping at everyone pointing out the hypocrisy of saying "we" should be rising up against a company whose product she is literally using to send the message.

First, she clarified that her instruction to "rise up" was not about boycotting iPhones but rather pressuring Apple to provide unlock codes for recovered terrorists' phones, and similarly piling on Whatsapp (which she managed to misspell in a different way this time) to give intelligence agencies access to its encrypted messages:

She went on to say that if she commits a terrorist attack, she wants Apple to unlock her phone for the authorities:

But of course, Dorries is a white British woman, meaning she would never be accused of being a terrorist. If, god forbid, she goes ploughing into pedestrians outside Parliament, no doubt it'll be an "isolated incident" by a "crazed loner."