Royal Mail Posts a Set of Bowie Stamps to Space*

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has done a stunt. To celebrate the release of its set of lovely David Bowie stamps it sent a parcel of full sets into space -- or near space, or at least quite high above the clouds, I don't know I'm not Brian Cox -- and is challenging the people of the world to work out where they're going to land to win a set. Probably in a neighbour's shed, two days late.

52 sets of first day covers were floated up to menace commercial flights in the name of marketing, with the post office people suggesting Bowie fans might like trying to track them down, acquiring both a nice piece of memorabilia and something that's going to have quite the eBay resale value.

And there's a good reason to bother playing along if you're an enthusiast or want something to sell for money, as each of the balloon-floated 52 sets have been a marked with a red handstamp of the thunderbolt image that Bowie made his logo and facepaint of choice for some of his years. There's a special web site to look at it you're interested, plus it'll be a social media thing for a few days where they hand out clues on Twitter and Instagram. [Royal Mail]

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