Schoolgirl Roboticists Head to US Robot World Champs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two girls aged 8 and 9 are heading to the US to wow attendees and competitors at the Robotics World Championships, after their creation Roy the Robot had a successful showing at the UK National Championship.

Emily and Beth operate as a team called WGCMicrobots, although we suspect one of the pair's dads might be secretly behind the curtain pulling quite a few of the levers, as the girls apparently first expressed an interest in robotics after watching Emily's dad's attempts to automate things. The result is Roy, which has wheels and a lift mechanism -- both required to compete in the tournament's set of events.

If you want to help them represent the UK, girls, robots, Welwyn Garden City's Holy Family School and engaged power-dads on the international stage, there's a JustGiving page that the family is using to help fund the trip to the robot contest.

Poor little Roy will probably be annihilated, stamped upon and melted by the  laserbeam eyes of the million-dollar mechs of some spoilt US rich kids, mind, but it's the journey that's more important than the winning. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter