Scientists Find Fun Thing That is Good

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have found a thing that does us good by consuming it and the news that will shock you? It's only bloody old beer. They say, in a salted nutshell, that one pint a day reduces the risk of developing several serious heart conditions.

The study was assembled by a joint team from the University of Cambridge and University College London, who aggregated the health records of around two million adults. Their data suggested that moderate drinkers who have no more than one tipple a day were less likely to see a doctor for heart worries, beating even teetotallers when it comes to heart wellbeing and recording fewer incidents of heart attack and blood clots.

The full study published in the BMJ found that people who drink no alcohol were more likely to experience some forms of angina, aneurysm and arterial disease, although the benefits of a drink disappear as soon as those whose records were analysed strayed over the maximum official alcohol consumption guidelines.

The scientists then decided to see what would happen if you drank eight pints every day, but they haven't come back in to work for some reason. [BMJ via Independent]

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