Someone Held A Ticketed Rave In A One-Bed Airbnb In Canonbury

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've all had neighbours who play horrendous music at ridiculous hours, but an enterprising Airbnb user took it to another level by holding an all-night rave with bouncers and tickets in leafy Canonbury, north London.

Somehow, the organisers fitted two hundred people into the one-bedroom flat, which by London estate agent standards probably means a cupboard with a bed in it.

These folks weren't messing about, though – a neighbour told the Islington Gazette:

"There was a bouncer stopping people without a ticket from going in. You needed the riot police, not one guy from the council – there were fights outside in the street.

There was a microphone and professional speakers. I’ve got a pretty good sound system in my house and it was better than that. It was horrible music – the worst night’s sleep ever."

Others reported seeing pro-level DJ equipment being carried in, and one said the music – which we haven't confirmed was dubstep but was definitely dubstep – was "louder than if I was playing it in my own living room."

Unsurprisingly, everyone called the authorities, but it didn't help much. Both the police and local council were informed before midnight and the town hall sent some people down, but apparently found a terrifying football-like crowd and decided to wait for the police. The police, meanwhile, arrived at 3am but didn't do anything until 4.30 because again, the huge crowd was aggressive and they needed backup. It took until 6am to finally shut the rave down, by which point presumably people who bought tickets felt they'd got their money's worth.

The flat's owner was apparently in Vietnam at the time, and as yet there's no word on what his property looked like after 200 ravers descended on it. We've got a pretty good idea, though. [Islington Gazette]

Main image: Pexels