South Korea Wasted £200k Trying to Make People Care About the Olympics at MWC

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's a problem faced by many exhibitors at Mobile World Congress: how do you stand out when there are thousands upon thousands of exhibitors, and companies like LG and Huawei announcing headline-grabbing new handsets?

One such organisation experiencing buyers' remorse after spending over £200,000 on going to MWC is the South Korean government, which is now being bollocked for wasting taxpayers' money.

Bafflingly, five government bodies sent a grand total of fifteen officials to man their 105-square-metre booth for the four-day tradeshow, which ends today. They were trying to drum up excitement for the 2018 Winter Olympics, being held in Pyeongchang. Why they thought a mobile tech conference was the best place to do this is anyone's guess, but they did at least bring some VR and "3D hologram" content.

Nonetheless, show attendees were not impressed, with one especially sassy delegate telling the Korea Times:

"I could not understand what they were trying to promote.

All I remember after taking a look at the booth is some virtual reality devices and a bunch of officials standing there. One or two officials are enough to promote such a small-sized booth with weak content."

The trip apparently cost in excess of 300m won, which is around £213,000, and that's not including creation costs for the "weak content" shown off at the stand.

Perhaps they thought it was a mobile World Congress rather than a Mobile World Congress? [Korea Times]

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