Steps Are Back And They're Going On Tour With The Vengaboys. Yep. Really.

By Holly Brockwell on at

If the reboot of the Nokia 3310 and our 1994 post haven't made you feel old enough yet, how about the news that boot-scootin' pop band Steps are celebrating their 20th anniversary?

Yep. Not only this, they're back with a new album and they're going on tour. The support band for this inter-city disco is nostalgia-tastic novelty act Vengaboys. The Vengabus is said to be in attendance also.

If hearing that was the last thing on your mind, we can't blame you - we're not ones for sorrow, but it seems a bit of a tragedy that they're not being supported by S Club 7. Still, while some bands are better best forgotten, we guess sometimes it's just better the devil you know.