Sydney Man Arrested And Charged For 3D Printing Replica Guns

By Gizmodo Australia on at

What started as a hobby got "out of hand" for 27 year old Sydney man Sicen Sun, who has been charged with firearms offences after allegedly 3D printing four imitation firearms and an air pistol.

Cosplayers out there printing and selling replica weapons as props - you need to know about this.

According to SMH, Sun found instructions of how to do so online. He was busted after he advertised them for sale, also online.

Jason Keane, Sun's Lawyer, pointed to his love of science fiction, comics, and video games as a reason for his hobby.

Police prosecutor Chris Davis responded saying being a "nerd" isn't a reason to get bail, while Keane said the case was "unusual" and that Sun has been "hammered at the pointy end of the Firearms Act".

Magistrate Lisa Stapleton found Sun was not a risk to the community, and granted bail as long as he surrenders his Chinese and Australian passports, not go near international airports and pay £1,850.

The case will be heard again next month.

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