The Destruction of This 200-Tonne Boulder Proves That Humans Will Not Be Intimidated By Stupid Rocks

By Matt Novak on at

Humans conquering nature by blowing up a huge fuckin rock in Oregon (GIF made from a video by the Oregon Department of Transportation)
What happens when a 200-tonne boulder slides onto the road, completely blocking traffic? Well you have to blow that shit up, just to show Nature who’s boss. Which is precisely what the Oregon Department of Transportation did yesterday near the small town of Gilde.

The Oregonian posted video footage of the explosion on YouTube. And there’s something deeply satisfying about watching this enormous boulder crumble to bits. Take that, you stupid fucking rock.

It just goes to show that when Americans put their minds to it, they can blow up practically anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re an obnoxious boulder in the road or a whiny bird in the sky or a smarmy fish in the ocean. There is nowhere to hide. We will blow the shit out of you.

What, you think you’re better than us, Nature? Well, you’re not. And we’ve got the fucking explosives to prove it.

Hopefully this boulder’s friends took this as a lesson that we will not be intimidated by their rock-like ways. Humans 1, Rocks 0. What do we blow up next?