The Galaxy S8 Comes In Purple, Leak Suggests

By Holly Brockwell on at

While some mobile manufacturers like to release their new devices in a rainbow of hues, the current favoured strategy seems to be to offer the basics – black, white, silver/grey – and then one pop of colour, which inevitably becomes the poster child for the phone. See, for instance, Google's Really Blue Pixel, which recently got its own matching pair of jeans.

It seems like Samsung will be going down the same path (minus the jeans, hopefully) with the Galaxy S8. A new leak apparently from an EU retailer says the S8 will come in three colours – and it sounds like one of them's purple:

However, the colours will apparently vary by country, and we've already heard that Italy's colours are rumoured to be black, gold and blue. These could actually be the same colours, though, given that the S7's Gold Platinum colourway was a silver-gold and violet is somewhere between blue and purple. A quick search of the Samsung site for 'violet' gives us an idea of what to expect from previous products:

Of course, if it's actually ultraviolet, you won't be able to see it at all. The biggest trick Samsung ever pulled could be convincing the world the S8 exists. [Via Reddit]

Main image: Pexels