The Mclaren 720S is Another Type of Car From the Automotive Hotbed of Woking

By Gary Cutlack on at

Angry engine sounds have been heard coming from Woking again, with the Surrey-based supercar division of the carmaker revealing its latest toy for the wealthy -- the Mclaren 720S. It is not electric, it is [Jeremy Clarkson impression] electrifying.

Well it is if you like looking at photos of cars you'll probably never even see or have trousers clean enough to be allowed to sit inside one, as it's a likely to cost slightly over the £200,000 mark and, unlike the sorts of cars us normal people can afford, will probably go up in value as long as the driver doesn't slide it sideways into a telegraph pole and set it on fire.

But the driver almost certainly will do that, as the replacement for the 650 and 675 models runs on a McLaren's new 4-litre M840T engine that revs up to 7,500rpm and allows the driver to try to control a pointy thing with a 710bhp thrust. That means a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, allowing its new owner to get the hell out of Woking extremely quickly.

There's also a screen inside it, upon which the owner will be able to live stream the jealous social media posts of gawping men, along with McLaren Track Telemetry systems to tell the driver how good he's been doing and count the seconds since he last nearly lost it on a roundabout. [Top Gear]

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