The UK's Solar Panel Covering Set New Production Records This Weekend

By Gary Cutlack on at

The patchwork of solar panels that pepper the roofs and back gardens of the country set a forward-looking new record last weekend, as the nice weather and the inclination of the March sun combined to see solar production tip demand for power from the grid to record lows.

According to National Grid, the country demanded less electricity from traditional generation sources during Saturday day time than it did overnight, as production from solar panels that channel power directly to homes meant the coal and gas behemoths could take the afternoon off.

This led to solar power producing six times more electricity than the old power stations during the sunny afternoon, a trend that continued into Sunday and Monday. It's safe to say the world is now saved.

The National Grid's Duncan Birt said: "Demand being lower in the afternoon than overnight really is turning the hard and fast rules of the past upside down. It's another fascinating sign of the huge changes we are seeing in Britain’s energy scene." [Guardian]