The Weather In The UK Is Good And We're Not Sure What To Do

By Gizmodo UK on at

What's that big yellow sky-ball? Why is everything... sort of like when it's cold, but way more pleasant? Why can I feel my toes? What is happening?

Oh! Spring! It's Spring now, and the weather is surprisingly nice.

...What do we do with this again?

We're not actually sure where we left our sunglasses. Do we even own anything that isn't a jumper, or an anorak we bought in a sale at Millets?

Oh my god, there's an ice-cream van outside. Does anyone have a pound? What do you mean 99s aren't a pound anymore? Two pound fifty?! Bloody Brexit.

How are the news outlets handling this? With relative calmness, we assume-

-ah, never mind. Still, it's all pretty much good news when the sun's out, right?