The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're a little bit late with the apps this week, that's because a shit-load of stuff has happened - particularly the Galaxy S8. It's rather lovely looking isn't it? And DeX is, erm, something that some people might find useful. Personally I don't see much point. Anyway, let's get down to what you want: lots of lovely apps.

Active 10 Walk Tracker

Free: Android | iOS

Every little helps when it comes to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and this app from Public Health England is designed to do that with something it calls 'Active 10s'. Essentially that means walking quickly in 10 minute bursts. Simple as that. The app itself tracks your movement, gives you goals to work towards, and rewards you when you hot those targets.

BlackBerry Privacy Shade

Free: Android (BlackBerry)

So BlackBerry is back with a new app. It's called Privacy Shade, and it's sounds pretty great. Unfortunately I'll tell you now that it's exclusive to BlackBerry devices running Android - which means it's about as useful as a belly button. So for all five people in the world who have stuck with BlackBerry, here's what it does. It's pretty simple, it's designed to stop people from reading your screen in public, by darkening everything except the small section that you're looking at. It's a pretty good idea in out privacy-conscious age, but I have to reiterate that this is a BlackBerry exclusive.

Hopefully it'll make the leap to other Android devices in less time than it took BBM.


£4: iOS

A to-do list designed to help you actually get stuff done, by focussing on one thing at a time. It has a card-based system that helps you prioritise and focus on the important things, flexible scheduling so you don't stress out over unnecessary deadlines, the option to share tasks from your other apps, and more. If you find a regular to-do list isn't enough to help you sort things out, this one might be worth a try.

Kindle (Update)

Free: iOS

Amazon's e-reader app has had some small but useful updates this week, and the main one is the introduction of a new 'Send to Kindle' feature. This lets you send webpages and documents to your Kindle library using Safari's share button. Everything is converted into Kindle format automatically, making the app become a read-later app for those times you don't have time to read something lengthy. It's also added Comixology's Guided View, so comic readers can enjoy their books in a way that's described as cinematic and more immersive.

Mapstr (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

The app that lets you leave custom markers on the map so you ca keep track of all your favourite places in a way that's slightly more convenient than the alternatives. It's a personalised map of points of interests, so you don't have to deal with Google or Apple telling you what you should like. The new update brings notifications into the fray, though Mapstr promises that it won't be using these to constantly bombard you with spam. Instead the notifications will function as proximity alerts, letting you know when you're near one of your marked spots - but using algorithms to ensure it's not pissing you off by buzzing every five seconds.


Free: Windows

A free graphical programming app, designed for educational use, using a drag and drop system. It lets you create animations, games, and even stories this way, along with options that let you code Makeblock robots and Arduino-based hardware. It's entirely simple to use (it's trying to teach you after all), but there are plenty of free manuals and other resources that will let you figure things out.

Quik (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

The companion app to all the newest and best GoPro action cameras, Quik lets you use your phone to control your action camera's functions - as well as remotely see what's on the SD card and edit video. The latest update comes with a bunch of new features, including 'New For You' which showcases all the shots you've taken in the past 24 hours. It's designed to make life easier for people who enjoy creating daily stories using apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and the like. It also has a redesigned homepage to make everything faster and more intuitive, along with the option to mute sound on your videos, and updates to text effects in RAW, Grammy, and Epic editing styles.

Soundhound (Update)

Free: Android

Spotify are going big on third-party integration on Android and not iOS these past few weeks, with Soundhound being the latest app to join the fray. This latest update lets users listen to their Spotify playlists within Soundhound, though only Spotify Premium subscribers get to listen to full songs (free users are restricted to previews and YouTube tracks). You may ask why bother? Well Soundhound does have a pretty stellar 'live lyrics' feature that shows off a song's lyrics in time with the track that's playing. Spotify seems to have realised that it's superior to its own version. This feature means you can use the lyrics to skip forwards and backwards through the song, rather than guessing where the rubbish verse ends. The update also brings along voice controls, which is nice.

Workflow (Update)

Free: iOS

Workflow is one of the big dogs in automatising processes on iOS, and now, thanks to an acquisition by Apple, it's completely free. That's right, no £4 entry fee for you! It's also added new ingredients for your automation recipes, including Apple Maps integration, Microsoft-powered language translation, and more. Sadly some stuff has been taken away (notably support for the likes of Google Street View, Chrome, Pocket, and Uber), but you can check out the full list here. Still, it's free now. If you were wary of the price of admission before, you no longer have any excuse not to give it a try.