The World Needs LEGO Tape More Than We Realised

By Kim Snaith on at

Earlier in the week, an IndieGoGo campaign for a product called Nimuno Loops launched. Basically LEGO tape – an adhesive strip you can stick anywhere and attach LEGO to – it seems like a marvellous idea for fans of the colourful blocks. With a modest IndieGoGo budget of $8,000 (around £6,400), the team behind Nimuno Loops obviously weren't expecting a massive amount of interest.

How wrong they were. Just five days into the campaign, it has raised $1.2 million and counting. That's a mindblowing 15,054% of its initial goal. Whoa, people really, truly need LEGO tape in their lives, it would seem.

With another 25 days left to go, who knows what heady heights the Nimuno Loops campaign could reach. One thing's for sure; the demand has certainly already smashed any initial demand that the team anticipated, and while raising such an amazing sum will certainly be a major boost for them, it could raise its own problems.

For one, they are going to have to produce a hell of a lot more tape than they initially anticipated, meaning the scale of production may have to drastically change. They'll need more storage space to keep the materials and the finished products before shipping, and more staff to keep things running.

Early orders were originally estimated for delivery in July, but now the estimated delivery date is August 2017. Some 'Early Bird' perks have sold out, but new colours of the tape have since been added. A couple of rolls of Nimuno Loops will set you back around £10 plus shipping.

More information can be found on the IndieGoGo page.