These Are The Tracks You Need On Your St Patrick's Day Playlist, Says Spotify

By Holly Brockwell on at

Spotify has found the top 10 Irish tracks used in St Paddy's Day playlists in Ireland, for purists who want to ensure their cultural appropriation has as much authenticity as possible:

  • The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights
  • Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston
  • The Pogues - Dirty Old Town
  • Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
  • The Dubliners - Whiskey In The Jar
  • The Pogues - The Irish Rover feat. The Dubliners
  • The Dubliners - The Wild Rover
  • Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar
  • The Dubliners - Molly Malone
  • The Saw Doctors - N17

And before you go searching all of those, they've made the top 50 into a playlist for you.

They've also made their own mixes of green-tinged tunes, including this one which has the best punning title we've ever seen: A Breath of Fresh Eire.

You can also listen to the less-inventively-titled Happy St. Patrick's DayIrish Folk - Ballads and Irish Folk - Jigs and Reels.

Hey, if it means one less person listens to 'Galway Girl' by musical virus Ed Sheeran, we're in.

Main image: Pexels