Tiny Violins Please: Some House Buyers Sleep On A Mattress On The Floor

By Holly Brockwell on at

Tissues at the ready, please, for the news that people who've just bought a house sometimes have to wait a bit before they can also buy furniture.

A survey of first-time buyers by Furniture123 showed that 68% "admit that they have been forced to sleep on a mattress on the floor." A mattress! On the floor! In your house that you own! The heart bleeds, it really does.

Similarly, 61% have tragically "had to use temporary clothes rails, due to not having a wardrobe," a fate that surely cannot be understood by the thousands upon thousands of people who will probably have to rent for life, many in unfit and unfurnished hovels.

Apparently, it takes a tortuous 46 weeks for the average first-time buyer to "fully furnish their home." They've got their priorities in order, though: 79% had WiFi sorted within two weeks, and while a sad 65% had to put their TV on "items, like boxes, other than a media cabinet," only 8% went without the TV itself. Such hardship, the likes of which many will only see in their dreams.