Tours to the Titanic Offered for £86,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

A travel company says it has the technology to take people on romantic mini breaks around the wreck of the Titanic, with the asking price of just £86,000 per ticket making it the ideal Father's Day gift for the tech executive that's not quite rich enough to make it to the moon.

Offered by exclusive travel company to the rich Blue Marble Private, the plan is to take off from Newfoundland in Canada in a helicopter or sea plane and rendezvous with a support yacht moored at the site of the wreck. There will then be a token period of science and explanations and regret-filled seasickness, before the exciting bit happens and three people at a time are allowed into a custom built titanium and carbon fibre submersible and taken for a terrifying trip 2.37 miles beneath the surface of the ocean.

Imagine seeing that. Imagine being that far away from Wi-Fi. Trips are scheduled to begin in 2018, should that mystery submersible turn out to be a real thing that actually works. [Blue Marble Private via Sky News]

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