UK Joins US in Banning Laptops and Tablets on Some Flights

By Gary Cutlack on at

Anything bigger than a phablet will have to go in the hold luggage on some flights into the UK, with the government joining the US in requiring passengers from six countries to stow tablets, ereaders and laptops in the hold, lest their batteries actually be bombs.

The UK ban covers inbound flights from six countries -- Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia -- fewer than the eight covered by the US ban. The government hasn't specified a specific timetable for the measures, but is asking airlines covering routes from the countries to introduce the ban as soon as feasibly possible.

It only covers laptops, tablets, ereaders and any phones longer than 16cm, wider than 9.3cm, and thicker than 1.5cm, so the old Kindle will have to be checked and stowed, but massive cameras and other electricals are fine, should you be over packing and taking your iron and hairdryer on holiday. [GOV]

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