You Can Now Walk To Zone 3 With Transport For London's New Map

By Holly Brockwell on at

Transport for London has released a new version of its walking map, which now shows the walking distances between tube stations all the way out to zone 3, and also includes National Rail stations for the first time.

Times are shown in minutes between the relevant two stations, and are based on "a moderate walking speed." If you prefer, you can also see the distances in steps.

It's a constant point of frustration to Londoners that tourists will get the tube between places that are actually faster to walk, but the improved map isn't intended to help with that so much as to get people moving. It was released today to coincide with TfL and the Mayor of London's walking conference, succinctly named 'Healthy Streets for London - making a great city for walking.'

One of the speakers at the event was New York City's former Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, which must have been a bit confusing given that her last name is almost identical to the full name of the Mayor, who wasn't there.

Sadik-Khan comments:

"Walkable, more active streets are not just healthier, they make cities safer and economically stronger. London's investments in its streets are investments in the people who live, work and play in the city."

You can download the map free here (PDF). We'll wait for someone to add Pokéstops first. [H/T Diamond Geezer]

Main image: Transport for London