You'll Have To Wait A Week Longer For Your Samsung Galaxy S8

By Holly Brockwell on at

Bad news for people as excited as I am about the upcoming Galaxy S8: it's been delayed a week.

The official announcement is still happening on the 29th of March, but respected source Evan Blass says the actual release date has been pushed back from the 21st of April to the 28th.

For obvious reasons, Samsung is taking major pains to make sure this phone is as good as it could possibly be before unleashing it on the public, so presumably the week's delay is for the company to get its ducks in a perfectly geometric row.

We'd heard from a previous leak that Samsung would be looking to preorders for the LG G6 to determine whether to open their own presales early. Given today's news that the G6 presales are going very well indeed, maybe Samsung will pull the trigger and let us stake our claims on the new phone early.

Either way, though, you won't have that handset in your paws 'til the 28th. Sorry 'bout that. [VentureBeat]