A House In South East London Is Allegedly Funding The North Korean Nuclear Programme

By James O Malley on at

An unassuming house in Blackheath, South East London could be funding North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

The Guardian reports that the Korean National Insurance Corporation (KNIC) is registered to the detached house on Kidbrooke Park Road - and this is a company that the EU has already identified as identified as one that is generating "substantial" revenues that are being funnelled to North Korea.

The unusual residence has come to light because of EU sanctions that have been imposed on North Korea, and sadly not because North Korean soldiers have been turning up at the Homebase at the end of the road, looking to buy ballistic missiles.

According to The Sun the company had been generating £33m a year and was controlled directly by Pyongyang, before it was shut down last year.

But the upshot is obvious: If you live on Kidbrooke Park Road, try not to get into a dispute with your neighbours just in case they decide to go nuclear in response. [The Guardian]