A Naked Statue Is Causing Outrage In A Hampshire Village

By James O Malley on at

A naked statue of Archimedes, the greek mathematician and inventor who first approximated pi, could distract drivers in Ellisfield with his nudity, claims one outraged resident.

The Telegraph has the scoop on the carnage going down in the Hampshire village, which has followed the erection of the statue by Adrian de Ferranti, who located it on the corner of his land.

Neighbour Steven Gould is most upset by the statue. He's written a fierce letter to the local council. "In my opinion and although some may consider the statue to be ‘art’ it is totally out of character and not in keeping with its current surroundings", it apparently says.

"This statue is illuminated at night and as such is both a potential distraction for drivers of vehicles driving down College Lane and again completely inappropriate in a rural area in my opinion."

“The very nature of the statue (a naked man) may seem to represent art to some but could also be seen as offensive to others."

If he's offended by this - imagine how he'll feel if he ever were to visit an art gallery.

The Parish council does appear to have taken de Ferranti's side - with the Telegraph quoting one councillors saying that though it will be discussed, "people should be inspired by it".

We only hope that this dispute doesn't escalate any further, just in case either side are tempted to install a death ray too. [Telegraph]

The pic at the top is a library image and not the exact photo - you'll have to click through to the Telegraph piece to see that.