Airlander 10 Given Feet to Soften Future Crash Landings

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people making the Airlander didn't give up after the embarrassing crash landing suffered by its maiden flight, and have tweaked the design of the airship to make it a bit better at coming down to earth.

Basically they've given it massive inflatable feet, two vast airbags designed to act like stubby legs to keep it more stable on the way down. Which should work, as long as it's not falling half a mile while disintegrating and on fire, as history tells us airships are wont to do.

The bags sit on either side of the cockpit, with the idea that they'll stop the flight deck pod with the people in from being crushed by the rest of the ship during any heavy landings. The people behind the Airlander 10 say this change, and a new mobile mooring mast, is bringing them near to restarting their flight programme. [Ars]

Image credit: Hybrid Air Vehicles

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