All the Best Wibbley Wobbley Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

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In case you hadn't noticed, Doctor Who returned to television screens this weekend. Properly this time, not the one off that we got at Christmas. Anyway, as we head into Peter Capaldi's last series as the Doctor, tensions are high as we try and work out who the next one will be. We've got 12 weeks until the series ends, and then another Christmas special, and Capaldi is gone.

Whether you love him or hate him, you probably still like Doctor Who, and with that you might want to check out these gifts.

12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, £13

Technically this is the 12th Doctor's second sonic screwdriver, and his third sonic device overall. Still the first one doesn't count, and there's very little that made the sonic specs stand out for them to be worth turning into a toy. It's blue, has sounds, lights, and everything else all the sonic screwdrivers of the past have had. Obviously this one is a different design, which makes it worth getting your hands on. [Buy it here]

Series 9 Boxset, from £20

It feels like it's been an age since the ninth series of Doctor Who was first broadcast (thanks a lot, BBC), but if you don't have the whole series on DVD or Blu-ray, now might be the time to get your hands on it. It comes with everything from Last Christmas to The Husbands of River Song, including the Doctor's triumphant return to Gallifrey. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

Lego Set, £52

Thanks to the wonder of Lego Ideas, we managed to get a proper Lego Tardis - not one of those rubbish faux-Lego knockoffs that have cropped up over the past few years. It's officially out of production now, but the prices haven't skyrocketed just yet. Inside you get the Tardis interior, a folding Tardis box, The 11th and 12th Doctors, Clara Oswald, a Weeping Angel, and two Daleks. Lego and Doctor Who is a perfect match, and something no fan should be without. [Buy it here]

Also available are the Doctor Who Lego Dimensions figures, including the Level Pack (with The 12th Doctor, K9, and the Tardis), and the fun pack featuring a Cyberman and a Dalek.

Class, from £14

The fourth Doctor Who spin-off didn't get very many viewers, but the critics couldn't seem to get enough of it. While the future of the series seems uncertain, you can watch all eight episodes right now, following children from the famous Coal Hill school going up against all sorts of alien beasties that keep popping up. The Doctor also pops up, just so you know that this is actually a spin-off, not a random TV series with a tenuous link to the parent series. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

Torchwood Boxset, from £28

Doctor Who spin-offs never come close to lasting as long as the parent show for a variety of reasons, but Torchwood is one of the best remembered - particularly with the way it disregards the notion of appeasing a child-aged audience. Doctor Who but for adults really, if you swap the travelling across time and space with sticking around the centre of general Cardiff area, fighting monsters that keep popping through the interdimensional rift running through the city. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

4th Doctor Full Size Scarf, £70

Try as they might, no Doctor will be as iconic as Tom Baker's seven year portrayal, and his Doctor was well known for his unique and eccentric form of attire. You can buy smaller versions of this scarf for a lot less money, but if you're going to buy the iconic multi-coloured scarf, you might as well go all in and get the full 18 feet. Whether its for cosplay, or just to keep warm in the winter, it's the perfect buy for any fan. [Buy it here]

Tardis Pop! Vinyl, £14.35

There are a lot of Pop! Vinyls out there, especially when Doctor Who is concerned. Even the Tardis has her own facsimile, designed as a stand for one of the other smaller figures. If you already have some Who-related figures lying around, this might be the perfect addition to your shelf. [Buy it here]

Power of the Daleks Steelbook, £25

Power of the Daleks in its original form is sadly lost to time, and barring any miraculous discoveries in foreign archives there's very little chance we'll get to see it in its original glory. Thankfully the BBC still hasn't decided that animating the episodes isn't a drain on its finances, and all six episodes of Power of the Daleks has been recreated for those of us that weren't able to watch it 50 years ago. This version comes with the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the story, wrapped up in a lovely steelbook case. [Buy it here]

Mr Men: Dr First, £4

Who can forget the Mr Men books? With nostalgia so rampant these days (and with good reason, the future looks increasingly grim every day), it makes sense that the series would return in a way that appeals to adults. Doctor Who is an ideal choice, even though something based on the fools from The X Factor might have been more appealing to the general public. So far there are four of them, but Amazon seems to think more are on the way. You could get the Fourth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors, but why not start from the beginning with the original? [Pre-order it here]

Time Lord Fairy Tales

Despite their looming presence, not a lot about Time Lord culture is really explored. We know they have fairy tales, though, and the BBC has seen fit to release a collection of 16 of them. Ok so these appear to be regular Earth fairy tales jazzed up with Doctor Who references (The Emperor Dalek's New Clothes was a dead giveaway), but they come in lovely hardback form and illustrations. Maybe not the kind of thing an adult will want to read unless they're a die-hard fan, but these should keep the kids entertained. [Buy it here]

Tardis Vortex Wall Light, $20/£16

The Tardis has a tendency to crash into things, and with the latest 3D LED light you can make it look as though it's crashed into one of your walls. The windows and roof lamp all light up to illuminate your room, and the whole thing is powered by three AAA batteries so you don't have to worry about wires ruining the aesthetic. [Buy it here]

RAF Great Coat

It might have been several years since we saw Captain Jack on TV screens, but who can forget his look? Not many people can pull off a big-ass coat, except maybe Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. The RAF Great Coat hasn't been in service for quite some time, but there are plenty of them out in the big bad world ready for you to throw it on. Prices vary, but if you need a cold weather coat with a geeky twist, it might be worth trying to get your hands on one. There are plenty of them available on eBay.

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