Almost Everyone Hates Their Broadband Provider, Survey Reveals

By James O Malley on at

BT and TalkTalk have been named the worst broadband providers in the UK by consumer group Which?, which reveals that they are still screwing up on broadband speeds, reliability and customer service.

Which? surveyed 1800 people and found that that four big providers - TalkTalk, BT, Sky, and EE, which collectively account for a 72% market share, all scored poorly with consumers. TalkTalk was bottom of the pile at 38%, followed by BT at 45%. Virgin and Sky fared only marginally better with 52% and 49% respectively.

According to Which, only a third of providers (4/12) scored more than three stars for broadband speeds. Zen Internet and Utility Warehouse, who you've never heard of, scored highest for customer service. And let's face it, they only have a tiny number of customers - so you're probably reading this on a connection by one of the Big 4.

No wonder everyone is angry on the internet. [Which?]