Amateur Top Gear Busted in Barnsley

By Gary Cutlack on at

Three men from the South Yorkshire area are currently car-less after having their rented rides seized by police, who spotted them on the motorway having their own little Top Gear tribute supercar showdown.

The three cars -- a McLaren 570s, a Lamborghini Aventador and an unspecified Ferrari -- were seized by police before the hijinks could be had, with officers saying the racers were lined up side-by-side and clearly preparing for some sort of Clarkson-esque stunt, perhaps even including powersliding around the roundabout outside the BP garage.

The three cars had been hired for the event according to police, with traffic police recording the action on CCTV cameras monitoring the road between junctions 38 and 37 of the southbound M1. The police explained: "...they were travelling side by side across all 3 lanes and brought traffic to a very slow speed. When they had created a big enough section of 'clear road' they accelerated away, some might say racing one another." [South Yorkshire Police via BBC]

Image credit: Facebook

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