Ancient Tech: Here's How To Make A Neolithic Flint Axe

By James O Malley on at

Have you ever wondered how stone-age humans managed to make such intricate tools? Despite having basically nothing but stone to work with, our ancestors somehow managed to sculpt smooth, sharp rocks that are perfect for bashing the neighbouring tribe's heads in.

So to explain exactly how it was done, English Heritage has put together a new video showing the process - and it's a good reminder of just how time consuming everything was in an era before modern manufacturing. Worse still, they probably couldn't even stick a podcast on to pass the time while bashing the stone into shape.

Flint tools have actually been around a mind-bogglingly long time - with some evidence suggesting that we were using them 900,000 years ago. Yes, 900,000. To put that into perspective, the Romans were only around 2000 years ago, and the iPhone has only been around for a decade.

The video part of a push by the charity to make 2017 the year that they look back at how human ingenuity has shaped the modern world. Though if someone invented the flint axe today, they'd probably call it "disruptive innovation" rather than "ingenuity", and announce it at a glitzy presentation in Silicon Valley.

English Heritage has also produced a second video showing how neolithic humans made ceramic pots. It's a fascinating process - and enough to make you feel a bit guilty about all of that frantic pot-smashing you did in Ocarina of Time.

It's all super fascinating - and you can find out more on the English Heritage website.