Apple Refunds Kid's £6k Gaming Bill

By Gary Cutlack on at

The key to getting Apple to refund all your in-app purchases would appear to be GO BIG, as today's happy refund news concerns a kid who managed to invest around £6,000 in tawdry pretend coinage during a couple of weekends of unlimited purchasing fun.

The 11-year-old showed no shame in purchasing a game's dismal £99 in-app items, which he then did again some 50 times. In the game world, he must've been quite a high roller. Dad Roy Dobson wasn't particularly impressed, though, and told the BBC: "The first time he spent £700 in less than five minutes, then £1,100 in half an hour and it just racked up and racked up, all on the same game."

And that's a child who's only allowed to go on the iPad at the weekends. The good news for Roy and mum Jill is that Apple's agreed to refund the money, so if you ever buy something by mistake simply do it another 49 times then blame it on a kid. [BBC]

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