Brexit Is More Divisive Than Religion, Says Comedian

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's an experience many of us have had in the comments underneath our Facebook posts: comedians delivering the same material on Brexit are finding they get wildly different responses depending on where the audience is from.

Marcus Brigstocke said on Facebook that he's getting people walking out of his shows for the first time ever. His current tour includes 20 minutes of Brexit jokes, and it's pretty clear which side of the fence he's on:

Apparently, no material the comedian has ever done has elicited this kind of response – including hot-button topics like religion:

"I have never before dealt with a subject as divisive and upsetting (including passionate criticisms of religion etc.). It's a challenge I would usually enjoy but (perhaps because I'm not doing it well enough) it is proving to be a nightmare.

"It seems that for the most part Brexit is not just the hideous social and political turn we have taken as a country but is also comedic poison."

Frankie Boyle is of much the same opinion, writing a long piece this week about how Brexit is "a kind of racist Christmas":

Speaking of Christmas, as if all the Brexit discussion around the dinner table wasn't fun enough last festive season, by this December we'll be seeing the fallout from triggering Article 50. 'Fallout' is probably the right word for it, actually – we'll probably all be enjoying a Nuka-Cola with our freeze-dried turkey. [Telegraph]

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